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About KellAir

I have been in corporate aviation for over 24 years with experience as a tech in service centers, production line and flight test, to director of maintenance and director of aviation for various fortune 500 companies, as well as a pilot. If you are looking for the best possible value for your money please consider my service and expertise in this area. I have been involved in many pre-buy inspections leading to successful buys and sells of various aircraft. I have been involved in exporting and importing aircraft, setting up operations in other jurisdictions.

I look forward to working with you.

Justin Keller, Owner KellAir

Services Offered for FAA Part 91 Operators (Monthly Retainer includes):


    We take care of your post-flight servicing, including all fluids, nitrogen and oxygen servicing.


    Keeping an updated accurate tracking system is the key to maximize aircraft value and reduce record keeping mistakes.


    We will update your Nav and Charts databases bi-monthly.


    Saves you time, allowing for maximum amount of aircraft availability and maximizes your savings so you're only paying for what you get.


    We provide Email and phone support while your aircraft is down for maintenance events - we handle everything from putting together the inspection package to briefing the inspection and assist with maintenance approvals.


    We are experts at finding the right parts at the best price. We source and order your parts using our extensive network of aircraft parts providers. We provide 24/7 for AOG Support - anywhere in the world, if you break down we get parts and techs you need and get you flying again.


    We provide light in-house maintenance and troubleshooting - no shotgunning parts, we take time to find out what the problem is, further reducing cost for the owner.


    Our goal it to save you time and allow for maximum amount of aircraft availability. We review your annual Honeywell, Rolls-Royce, Pratt & Whitney, Bright Parts, JSSI, and etc. to make sure you get the best rates, discounts and you are getting the coverage you need.

Additional Services Upon Request

On-site Maintenance Oversight - based on scheduling billed at flat rates plus expenses. If we cannot provide the exact support you need, we have reps across the world to oversee your project and make sure you get what you paid for and for the right price.

Aircraft and Helicopter Weighing Service - we have scales to weigh any aircraft from a Cessna 172 to a Boeing 737. (Platform scales coming soon)

Fuel Microbial Growth Testing - most aircraft require this test every quarter, we have state-of-the-art equipment to provide on-site, instant results and are typically less expensive than other kits.

VOR Monthly Testing - verifying the accuracy of you important IFR instruments.

RVSM Critical Pitot Static Bi-Annual - we can perform on-site RVSM FAR Part 91 FAR checks to keep you safe and legal.

Pre-Buy Audits - we can do this before we ever see the aircraft via logbooks and tracking system to let you know if the aircraft you want to buy is the right fit at the right price.

Corporate Aircraft Maintenance Management

If you don’t want a full time Aircraft Director of Maintenance operating Part 91. We can help! We provide fractional Director of Maintenance services ranging from maintenance tracking to full service hands-off.

• We can also perform aircraft tracking maintenance and due items, schedule inspections - getting YOU the best price, service, and least down time.

• Maintenance oversight while in service centers and invoice review.

• We offer 24/7, 365 day support for AOG’s, scheduling techs to repair aircraft while on trips away from home.

• We are fully insured and accident free for 25 years!